Your Late Summer Playlist: 10 Career Podcasts to Take in Before Fall

There’s no better time to focus on career development than the quiet summer season, when office distractions are at a minimum. Unfortunately, we don’t have many warm, slow days left on the calendar. So, if you’ve been doing more relaxing than growing this summer, now is the time to get in some last-minute professional development. […]

Too Many Passions? 9 Ways to Determine Which One Should Be Your Career

Article by YEC It can be difficult to find your way when you have a million interests tugging at your soul. They all seem like waiting opportunities, but which one is the right path for you? When you try to single out just one passion to build a career around, you may feel like you are […]

Is HR Failing to Close the Tech Skills Gap?

The apparent ubiquity of flashy work perks like communal ping-pong tables, kombucha on tap, and unlimited vacation days has many employers worried about outcompeting other organizations to attract, recruit, and retain the workers they want. However, on-site workout classes and Pizza Fridays aren’t the top drivers bringing in talent. In fact, today’s employees are much more […]

Bad Buzzwords: 12 Things You Should Stop Writing on Your Resume

1. ‘Teamwork’ Stop using “teamwork” and start using “collaboration.” We could benefit from working more closely together even when we’re not on teams, and collaboration is more of a mindset about how to do that. Collaboration is about knowing when to step up and use your skills and when to let someone else do it. […]

Employees Prefer Images: Here’s How to Make Your Onboarding Process More Visual

Released in June, the “Internet Trends 2019″ report from technology investment firm Bond came with a clear message: People love visuals. According to the report, the number of people sharing and consuming images and videos through online platforms like Instagram and Snapchat has climbed year over year since at least 2010. People aren’t just increasingly visual in their personal lives […]

The Secret to Managing Generation Z? Think Like a Gamer

Generation Z is growing up. The first “fully digital” generation is now entering the workplace, and managers are scrambling to figure out how to train and retain this new segment of the workforce. When managers made way for millennials, they learned to care less about dress codes and timestamps and more about flexibility and the […]