To Make Good Hiring Decisions, Let Your Instincts Guide You

Once your business is no longer operating as a solo endeavor, having the right people in place matters more than almost anything else. Which position will you hire for first? Why? How will you find the right person? I’ve always believed in hiring people who have the right skills. They may or may not have […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Hiring People Who Are Better Than You

The hiring process can be a humbling one if you’re looking to build a strong, trustworthy team. Business leaders and owners are often tasked with vetting and onboarding new leadership team members, but workplace competitiveness can often complicate the process. While a healthy company culture generally prioritizes the work of the team over any one […]

Engagement Worth Reading About: 3 Behavioral Design Principles for a More Motivated, Productive Workforce

It feels like half the stories on workplace trends lately have been about some form of employee engagement: “Create an Enjoyable Work Culture.” “Giving Employees the Meaning They Need.” “A Guide to Engaging and Motivating and Making Everyone Happy, Productive, Rich, and Not Checking Facebook All Day.” There are a lot of interesting ideas out […]

5 Lessons Recruiters Can Learn From College Football

There’s something about the sound of a stadium full of fans cheering on their teams, the band playing in the background, that makes college football so exciting. As the season kicks off, that means fall is right around the corner, Saturdays are dedicated to watching games, and you have new hope for your favorite team […]

So You Made a Mistake at Work. Here’s How to Fix It.

We all make mistakes. It’s inevitable. But owning up to a blunder at work isn’t always easy. “I think it’s hard because to admit that you’re wrong is not something that’s comfortable for most people, especially in a situation like work where the stakes can be really high,” says workplace expert Alexandra Levit, author of […]

Multiple Internships Give Job Seekers the Edge — Here’s Why That Matters to Candidates, Recruiters, and Employers:

At a variety of conferences and meetings of career centers over the past few years, colleges and universities have expressed their plans to invest in new internship programs and increase the sizes of the programs they offer. At higher education institutions across the country, students are being encouraged to pursue internships to build experience, develop professional […]

Retaining Younger Workers: What Can Millennials Tell Us About Lowering Gen. Z Turnover?

Millennials are three times more likely to leave their jobs than workers of previous generations, and as Generation Z begins to enter the workforce, many talent leaders are wondering if they will continue their predecessors’ penchant for job hopping. It may be helpful, then, to examine the factors that have influenced millennial behavior and discern what […]

Is Text-Based Recruiting Taking the ‘Human’ out of ‘Human Resources’?

A good first impression at a job interview used to consist of a polite smile, a firm handshake, and stylish business dress. Today, your first impression may be based solely on how well you reply to a recruiter’s incoming text message. My advice? Go easy on the emojis. In a bid to save time, a new […]