How Quantum Mechanics Can Help You Turn Job Hopping Employees Into an Asset

Many executives might view the job-hopping reputation of millennials as a cause for frustration. When they look at the issue, these executives mainly see the high costs of employee turnover. But there is another side of the coin: Millennials are more savvy than past generations when it comes to seeking jobs they find rewarding. Executives of best-in-class companies […]

Stand Out to Top Talent With These Social Recruiting Best Practices

With the US unemployment rate hovering around 3.7 percent, recruiters today are tasked with the challenge of sourcing talent in a highly competitive, candidate-driven market. To successfully source and attract candidates in this difficult environment, recruiters must make the most of the resources available to them. Social media is one of those resources. According to a […]

How to Make Your Diversity and Inclusion Efforts Really Count 

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) needs to be a top priority for businesses today. Aside from the moral imperative to create more equitable and progressive workplaces, diverse companies, simply put, make more money: Companies with more diverse management teams have 19 percent higher revenue, according to a study by the Boston Consulting Group. But let’s be real. […]

Sales Reps Say These 3 Benefits Trump Salary

Money, money, money! It’s on every top sales rep’s mind, right? While money is an important factor for sales reps — their hard work directly determines their paycheck’s size — it isn’t necessarily the most important factor they consider when weighing job opportunities. As a result, making salary the only focus of your recruitment pitches could leave […]

Confront Microaggressions at Work Before They Destroy Employee Morale

You would be forgiven for thinking of microaggressions as a relatively new concept, but the term was first coined in the 1970s by Harvard professor Chester M. Pierce, and the topic has been the subject of more than 5,000 academic studies over the past decade alone. Despite all the research, a great deal of confusion still surrounds […]

The 3 Keys to a Successful, Sustainable Career in IT

The current mantra is, “Everyone should learn to code.” The problem is most people interpret that to mean “Everyone should become a programmer.” Like many professions, programming takes a certain combination of talent and skills that not everyone possesses. For example, when I (Cal) was younger, I decided I wanted to learn to play the […]

Without an Effective Onboarding Process, Even the Best Hires Are Doomed to Fail

Finding top talent is vital to an organization’s growth, but even the best hires can go south without an effective onboarding process in place. Without quality onboarding, companies set themselves up for a whole host of problems, including lower retention rates, lower engagement, a weaker company culture, lower performance, increased costs, and decreased revenue. On the […]

Forget Your Job Title: No Matter What Your Role Is, You’re in Sales

A firefighter, a professor, a computer repair technician, and a lawyer are having dinner together. Which one is the salesperson? None of them, right? One is in the business of saving lives, another teaches, one fixes stuff, and the last one keeps people out of jail. They’re not in sales. Or are they? The fact […]

Sustainable Retention: How Going Green Keeps Your Employees Around Longer

As organizations attempt to stay profitable and competitive, they must constantly adapt to new ideas and techniques. This is especially true today, when workers can find new jobs more easily, the cost of supplies disrupts profitability, and unengaged workers are the rule rather than the exception. However, employers can reduce their expenses, engage their workers, […]

Starting Your Own Recruiting Firm? Use This Checklist to Do It Right

According to the American Staffing Association, there are about 20,000 staffing and recruiting companies in the US operating a combined total of 39,000 offices. Where there’s this much competition, there’s opportunity, right? There’s no shortage of recruiting firms, and for better or worse, there are no (or very few) barriers to entry in this space. Essentially […]