Take a Balanced Approach: 3 Tips for Developing Your Organization’s Talent

There is a lot of pride to be had in recruiting a top worker for your company. A new hire — especially one with a great background — can be a badge of honor for an HR professional. If this person lives up to their promise? Even better. But even if everything seems to go amazingly well, […]

Think All the Best Jobs Are at Tech Companies? Think Again. 

Landing a position with a high-profile Silicon Valley tech firm is exciting. You’ll get to experience the rush of working in the sexy tech scene and have a marquee brand name on your resume. Maybe even more exciting, you’ll also get to brag to your friends and family about your cool job with that new app company generating […]

Advocating for the Overqualified: Tips for HR Managers on Combatting Age Bias in the Workplace

As companies focus on building diverse and inclusive work environments, one often overlooked area is diversity of age. Many companies struggle with effectively recruiting, developing, and retaining employees across generations. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, “Unfounded assumptions about age and ability continue to drive age discrimination in the workplace.” However, managing and mitigating age […]

8 Best Practices for Stronger Skip-Level Meetings

Defined as meetings between an organizational leader and a lower-level employee who does not report directly to that leader, skip-level meetings give executives the opportunity to get to know the people in their companies better. As such, these meetings are particularly helpful in resolving organizational issues, increasing engagement, and gaining new perspectives and insights. Like any other kind […]

Why You Should Think Like a Salesperson When Hunting for a New Job

The art of sales and the art of securing a job aren’t all that different. Both center on your ability to hold a meaningful, mutually beneficial conversation. Both also have reputations for one-sidedness. Salespeople and hiring managers are often seen as prize-grabbing characters trying to get what they want while offering little in return. That couldn’t be […]

Confessions of a Corporate Talent Acquisition Leader: Should I Stay or Should I RPO?

It’s one of the hottest topics in corporate right now: Do we build an internal recruiting team or outsource it? The answer is not a simple yes or no. It really depends. Many factors contribute to recruitment. Some organizations assess the cost of recruitment through the utilization of recruitment agency outfits and decide to build out […]

Use STAR Interview Questions to Make Hires in a Tight Market Without Sacrificing Quality

There are more than 7 million open jobs across the US, according to the Department of Labor. While the historically low unemployment rate gives workers plenty to celebrate, it also places significant restraints on business growth. According to BerniePortal’s “2019 Recruitment Report,” which surveyed HR leaders at small and mid-sized businesses in the US, “filling all […]

Are You at Risk of Making a Bad Hiring Decision?

According to the US Department of Labor, making a bad hire can cost you — 30 percent of the employee’s salary, to be specific, although that number can easily climb depending on position, seniority, and industry. This is an astonishing price that can have a massive impact on businesses of all sizes, yet many companies are […]