Have a Plan, But Keep It Flexible: Thriving Professionally After a Medical Diagnosis

When someone is diagnosed with a serious health condition, it impacts several important areas of their life, including work. A person may start to wonder: – How do I balance work and medical treatment?– What can I expect from my employer?– What are my legal rights?– What do other people do in this situation? One common […]

Get to Know Alexa — Before She Takes Your Job

Alexa sits on my counter. Officially, the product itself (a “smart speaker”) is known as Amazon Echo. Echo connects to Alexa, a “cloud-based voice service,” according to Amazon. Amazon named her “Alexa” after the Great Library of Alexandria in Alexandria, Egypt, one of the most important libraries of the ancient world, a font of knowledge […]

More Than Experience or Education, Employers Want Candidates With Potential

Recently, I interviewed a potential new hire for our tech department. This engineer wasn’t familiar with PHP, one of the primary languages used to build our company’s technology, but that wasn’t necessarily a concern. Our chief technology officer, Michael Henderson, and I agree that the right candidate can always learn PHP on the job. There […]

Hook, Line, and Sign ’em: How to Appeal to the Modern Workforce

The modern workforce is dominated by millennials and Generation Z. While these two generations do have their differences, together they make up one population that has changed the world of work — and especially how we attract and retain talent. In light of today’s tight labor market, and at the dictate of this modern workforce, […]

Distractions Are Your Enemy: 5 Tips to Win at Working Remotely

Remote work seems to be all the rage, with some 70 percent of professionals working from home at least once a week. Similarly, 77 percent of people report working more productively when they work from home, and 68 percent of millennials say they would consider a company more favorably if it offered remote work options. It seems to make […]

3 Key Ways to Rethink Employee Retention

We’re in an employee-focused market. Steady job growth and record-low unemployment rates have empowered the best talent to leverage the best opportunities at their disposal. This might spell bad news for their employers, as a McKinsey report notes that only 23 percent of managers and senior executives believe their current recruiting and retention strategies are effective. The pressure is […]

Gendered Language Is Tricky to Define — and It Could Be Costing You Candidates

It has long been accepted in HR and recruiting circles that language matters. From the words you use to describe a company’s culture to the specific titles you give your roles, the way you say something can have a bigger impact on talent attraction and retention than the substance of what you’re saying. A new […]

Why Not Both? The False Dilemma of Hiring for Culture Fit Vs. Hiring for Skill Set

Should you hire for culture fit, or should you hire for skill set? It is an ongoing debate in the recruiting space, and both sides have advantages and disadvantages. If you hire for skill set, you’re guaranteed to get an employee who can do the job. However, even if a candidate has the ideal skill set, […]

Insecurity, Introversion, and 13 Other Unexpected Traits of Excellent Leaders

Article by YEC A leader is someone who, through their personality and skills, inspires others to be the best versions of themselves. While leaders may display different types of leadership styles, they all hope to achieve the same goal: motivating the team they lead to be better and to do better. But what makes an excellent […]