#Hiring102: Building Effective Teams Is an Art

“Elementary, my dear Watson.” Time and again, recruitment gurus have stressed the need to have a hiring process that is inclusive, unbiased, and focused on ensuring a potential candidate fits right into the company’s culture. But how do you measure the effectiveness of a process like this? Well, two factors determine its success or failure: One is […]

Automate More: How Tech Can Help HR Pros Reach Their Full Potential

HR professionals are one of a kind. Working in a fast-paced field, these pros are responsible for seeking new and innovative solutions to develop employees’ skills, improve performance, and boost productivity. Amid all that, when performance issues occur, it’s the role of HR to handle the situation the right way, in a timely manner and without complication. […]

Creativity Can Be Taught: How Flexible, Social Learning Can Foster a More Innovative Workforce

LinkedIn recently analyzed the profiles of users who were getting hired at the highest rates to identify the top skills companies are looking for in prospective candidates this year. One of the most sought-after skills of all, according to the analysis, is creativity. While creativity is in high demand, it’s also in relatively low supply. Finding creative […]

9 Brilliantly Inspiring Quotes From Commencement Speeches

Graduation season stirs up a lot of feelings. For graduates, it’s an exciting and scary time, while those of us who’ve already walked across the stage may feel nostalgic and wistful. Whether you’re the one graduating or already deep into the “real world,” the life advice that comes out of commencement ceremonies this time of year […]

Forget Staying Calm — Here’s How to Be a Dynamic, Electric, and Passionate Public Speaker

Does the thought of public speaking make your heart leap — in terror? What happens next? Do you judge yourself for being nervous? Do you feel inadequate to play the role of “speaker”? Do you wish you could figure out how the heck to just get it over with? I promise you that you are […]

HR as a Key Innovator: 3 Strategies to Create a High-Performing Company Culture

In a way, your company’s culture is the personality of your organization. Just like any good personality, it should run deep. That means your culture should extend beyond casual dress codes, office perks, and paying lip service to fluffy initiatives like “no jerks allowed” policies. For workers of all ages, company culture is a major determining […]

Company Culture Is an Inside-Out Job: Why Your Culture’s Strength and Well-Being Start With You

In my work in leadership and culture, I find people often think that culture is created “out there.” They view culture as something outside of themselves over which they have no control. For many, culture is something to be fixed, something that makes people quit or convinces them to stay, and even something that can be […]

Even Entrepreneurs Need Performance Reviews: 5 Tips for Conducting a Self-Evaluation as an Independent Professional

Performance reviews are a useful way for managers to evaluate employee achievement, growth, and goals. While this process may typically be associated with a traditional work arrangement, that doesn’t mean self-employed business owners or freelancers can’t reap the benefits for themselves. Self-evaluation is important for both personal and professional growth, and this valuable tool can even help […]