Your Boss Wants Your Input for Your Performance Review — Here’s How to Nail It

“Provide me input for your performance review.” People cringe at the boss’s request. It is an onerous chore many abhor. But why? First, writing about yourself feels like bragging. Second, the information you provide affects your promotion potential and future career opportunities. Third, you wonder, “What the heck have I done since the last review?” Fourth, […]

The HR Innovator’s Mandate: Invest in People Analytics to Deliver Data-Led Strategy

According to a report from Mercer, 98 percent of organizations have started down the road toward digital transformation of HR — and not a moment too soon. From the platforms they use to get work done to those they use to engage with their employers, technology pervades the life of the modern worker. For organizations, the […]

ReHuman: How Corporate America Is Reconnecting With Humanity to Drive Growth 

In a single joint statement this August, 181 CEOs of the world’s largest companies threw a century of corporate thinking under the bus by declaring shareholder value was no longer their main objective. What’s noteworthy isn’t that these powerful CEOs agreed there’s more to a company than shareholder return — it’s that they’re being forced […]

Ho, Ho, Hold on — I Can’t Do That? Avoiding Liability in the Workplace This Holiday Season

Between all the parties, the gifts, the scrumptious food, and the laughter, who doesn’t love the holidays? But is this jubilation all that jolly in the workplace? Employers can get so caught up in the hoopla they may unknowingly set themselves up for serious legal issues. Here are some tips to help your reduce your risk of employment-related liability […]

How to Hire Programmers: In-House, Freelance, and Outsourced

You’ve got a brilliant idea for an app — now, you just need to hire some programmers to build it. But how do you do that? Do you hire a team of full-time programmers? Do you look for freelancers? Should you outsource your project to a software development company? It’s a tough call, because the answer […]

Turning Prospects Into Loyal Customers: The 5 Skills of the Most Successful Salespeople

Article by Brittany Hodak Turning a prospect into a loyal customer starts with the sales experience. Salespeople set the tone for the relationship, and to make that first impression count, they must learn to work efficiently and communicate effectively. Successful salespeople know they have to hone specific skills if they want to deliver great customer experiences. Here […]

Mixed Tables: How to Create Breakthrough Solutions Through Surprising Collaborations

If you were asked to help soldiers detect roadside bombs, where would you start? I’m guessing it wouldn’t be Hollywood. This was my exact dilemma in the mid-2000s, when the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) asked me to do just that. At the time, roadside bombs were a prime cause of casualties for US […]

Take Your Time — Even Under Pressure: The 4 Secrets of Successful High-Growth Hiring

So business is booming, and you need to expand your team to keep up? Congratulations! And be careful. You should make all hiring decisions with care, but this is especially true for hiring decisions during periods of high growth. Bringing new employees into your growing startup is a momentous and somewhat intimidating process. Your employees […]

Culture Quake: 4 Things That Will Shake Up the Work World in the 2020s

If you thought the 2010s were a disruptive decade for workplace culture, wait until the 2020s arrive. In the next 10 years, you can expect the trends that rocked workplace culture — like the proliferation of remote and flexible work options, social activism, and millennial job hopping — to keep on rocking it. Alongside these, however, we’ll […]